Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tables for Homes

Family dinner table built by Earnest Bostick
A special family has created a unique partnership with Habitat Cabarrus as a way to give a house warming gift to our new homeowners.  Earnest and Angie Bostick have committed to create a farm table for every new Habitat Cabarrus homeowner and their first gift was to the Hernandez family, whose home dedication was last week.

“We hope they enjoy the function of [the table], but most importantly the symbol of togetherness it can bring to their home,” says Angie.  “Their table is built with love and a wish for true happiness.”

Following in His Dad’s Footsteps

Earnest & Angie Bostick
Earnest and his family had just spent Christmas Eve at his grandmother’s house and were making their way back home.  Earnest was only 6 or 7 years old at the time, but he vividly remembers the cold night as he rode home with his dad, mom, brother and sister.  As they got closer to home, they saw a man that appeared to be passed out on the ground underneath a nearby tree.  Rather than drive by him, they stopped the car.  Earnest’s dad then exited the car and realized that the man was passed out drunk.  So he picked the man up, put him in the car, and took him home.  This was one of the many times that Earnest witnessed his dad’s acts of kindness.

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." -Amelia Earhart

As an adult, Earnest strives to be more like his dad.  His love for wood working and desire to give back to the community helped him and his wife Angie come up with the idea of making tables for their community.

“A family dinner table is a great gathering place for eating, talking, homework and making it feel like a home,” says Angie.  They have also built many tables for their family, friends, neighbors and other charitable organizations.

A new table was recently donated to the Hernandez family
Earnest has many dimensions of different styles of tables so he starts with his cut list. After buying the materials, he measures out, cuts and labels each piece so they are ready to assemble. From start to finish including stain and/or paint, it takes about a full day (8-10) hours.  He's a true perfectionist in his work and really tries to bring great quality to each piece.

Our partner families work so hard to put in sweat equity hours alongside community volunteers to make their dream of purchasing and owning a home a reality. As they assume their 0% mortgage after their home dedication, it is so nice to know that members of the community care enough to give them such a special gift.